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sexta-feira, 19 de dezembro de 2008

Vem ai o ArcGis 9.3.1, confira as novidades

A ESRI acaba de anunciar que a nova versão do ArcGis 9.3.1 será lançada no segundo quadrimestre de 2009. Segundo o fabricante serão adicionas uma série de melhorias visando melhorar a performance de publicação de mapas dinâmicos e facilitar o compartilhamento da informação geográfica. Abaixo o texto publicado na página da ESRI sobre o lançamento.

What's Coming in ArcGIS 9.3.1?

ArcGIS 9.3.1 improves the performance of dynamic map publishing and increases the sharing of geographic information.

High-Performance Dynamic Map Publishing

  • New faster rendering engine
    • Outperforms equivalent ArcIMS services.
    • Produces significantly better-looking maps.
    • Shortens map caching time.
    • Quicker, smoother zoom and pan.
  • New Map Optimization toolbar in ArcMap helps you tune-up your map documents before publishing to ArcGIS Server.
    • Review and respond to errors, unsupported content, and warnings about items that will slow down your dynamic map services.
    • Preview your optimized map document and estimated rendering time.
    • Save your optimized map document to the new Map Server Document (MSD) format.

Better Sharing of Geographic Information

  • Better sharing of maps through ArcGIS Online
    • Maps can be packaged and published through ArcGIS Online Web services.
    • Maps can include content provided by ESRI.
    • Maps can be found through a Web search.
    • Contributors can organize and control access to the maps they share.

Enhanced Support for Java Developers

  • Ability to create the following extensions:
    • custom geoprocessing tools
    • server object extensions (SOEs) for ArcGIS Server
    • class extensions for custom behavior
    • custom renderers for customized rendering of data
    • plug-in data sources
    • custom layers
  • Support for Eclipse integrated development environment (IDE)
    • wizards to generate boilerplate code based on the developer's specification
    • autodeploy feature

Easy to Migrate

  • Upgrading to ArcGIS 9.3.1 does not require uninstalling ArcGIS 9.3.
  • Easy to migrate or work in mixed environments of ArcGIS 9.3 and ArcGIS 9.3.1 within the same organization since geodatabases, map documents, and APIs did not change.


ArcGIS 9.3.1 is scheduled to be available in Q2 2009.

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