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quarta-feira, 7 de janeiro de 2009

ArcGis Deskop downloads - Os 10 scripts mais baixados

O site ArcScripts oferece o download gratuito de extensões desenvolvidas pelos proprios usuários do ArcGis, são alguns milhares de extensões para as diversos programas da ESRI. É possível procurar as extensões por palavras chaves e ordena-las de diversas maneiras. Normalmente junto com a extensão vem algum texto explicativo sobre a extensão e como fazer a sua instalação. Abaixo segue a lista das 10 extensões com maior numero de downloads para o ArcGis Dekstop.
scripts 1-10 of 1430
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Export to KML 2.5.3ArcGIS DesktopVisual BasicKevin MartinJun 19 200861433
Summary: > SUMMARY: Export to KML is an extension developed for ArcGIS 9.x by the City of Portland, Bureau of Planning. The extension allows ArcGIS users to export GIS data in “keyhole markup language” (KML) format for viewing in Google Earth. Any point, polyline, or polygon dataset, in any defined projection, can be exported. Features can be exported a...
ET GeoWizards LTArcGIS DesktopVisual BasicIanko TchoukanskiJun 8 200830304
Summary: ET GeoWizards LT is a set of data processing functions for ArcGIS presented in a user-friendly, wizard type interface. ET GeoWizards LT was created as a subset of the free functions of ET GeoWizards and complies with the requirements for posting on ArcScripts: - It is 100% free. - It is not a sample or a demo. All 28 functions included a...
Metadata editor, based on FGDC ESRI stylesheetArcGIS DesktopVisual BasicDenis PikalovApr 14 200320347
Summary: Metadata editor based on FGDS ESRI stylesheet. You can edit metadata elements directly in the Metadata tab in ArcCatalog. Latest version here:
GPSi (GPS Interface)ArcGIS DesktopVisual BasicOwen EarleyDec 26 200718853
Summary: GPSi (GPS Interface) is an ArcMap Toolbar that allows users to communicate with Garmin ™ handheld GPS units. It was developed to allow users to rapidly download/upload data directly from ArcMap. The software uses the Garmin protocol to communicate with the GPS unit and will not function with other GPS brands. Functionality includes: - Down...
Add X and Y coordinates of features to Attribute TableArcGIS DesktopVisual BasicGrégory BizetOct 26 200116522
Summary: Associate the VBA script with a button in ArcMap. Select a point layer (point shapefile or point feature class geodatabase) in the TOC. This VBA script adds two new fields X,Y to the attribute table of the selected point layer and fills the fields with the X,Y coordinates.
EasyCalculate 5.0ArcGIS DesktopVBScriptIanko TchoukanskiAug 7 200714977
Summary: For more information, more free tools for ArcGIS and ArcView 3.x visit: EasyCalculate is a set of expressions (currently 110) for the ArcGIS field calculator. The expressions can be loaded in the Field Calculator and when executed calculate some spatial characteristics of the features, edit the shapes, draw graphics e...
Geodatabase Designer v2 (9.x)ArcGIS DesktopVisual BasicRichie CarmichaelAug 26 200814908
Summary: [SOURCE CODE INCLUDED] INTRODUCTION: Geodatabase Designer 2 (GD2) is set of tools to document and exchange geodatabase schema. GD2 also includes an editor for geometric network connectivity rules. PREREQUISITES: 1) ESRI ArcGIS Desktop 9.0/9.1/9.2/9.3 DEMONSTRATION VIDEO: A demonstration video is available post-install. To acces...
Add area of PolygonArcGIS DesktopVisual BasicGuoyun ZhouApr 19 200214809
Summary: For polygon, many people need to add a new field with area as attribute. Many years ago I had written an avenue script for the purposes. This VB script has the same function for doing so. Questions are welcome at
Convert Graphics to FeaturesArcGIS DesktopVisual BasicTim Lomas, Stephen Mau (Terrace GIS)Mar 16 200313739
Summary: This dll will enable a user to save a graphic shape or shapes such as polygons or lines to a shapefile. Works in the Data View window only, not the Layout View.
Enhanced Shapefile Creator 2.0ArcGIS DesktopVisual BasicMax SattarovApr 7 200413472
Summary: This extension creates and adds new Shapefiles without using ArcCatalog. This permits customization of Shapefiles in the following way: - Editing the fields collection for the new shapefile (adding new fields, setting their parameters, such as precision and scale for numeric fields, and length for string fields) - Changing the default pro...

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